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Music morning y'all already know what I'm about to do um today is cycle day 30 according to my a the bracelet that I wear night I'm due for my period today so I did not test early this cycle I don't know how I did that um before I keep chit-chatting I'm gonna go ahead and start the pregnancy test I just got a chief one from Walmart one of the 88 cent ones I do have one first response early detection test that's a digital so if there's any kind of line on this one I will do that one as well so let me go ahead and start this one okay so I just started that so I'm gonna wait like five minutes even though I know you can read him after three I like to give it a couple more minutes just in case so like I said I did not test early this month last month if you guys are new to my channel I'll kind of give you a little bit of a recap of where I'm at in this journey this is mine and my husband's twelfth month of trying to conceive so we've hit that one-year mark in July I found out that I was pregnant with our first and I was so excited we were all so excited unfortunately at the end of August when I had my first ultrasound at nine weeks we found out our baby do not have a heartbeat so that is Emerson that is now our angel baby and then last month in November I started testing really early and I found out I was pregnant on a Monday I was getting like very faint positives and then that Friday I got confirmed blood tests through my doctor and Sunday two days later I started heavily bleeding so I did lose that baby as well very early on what they call a chemical pregnancy but I don't like that term I just say early miscarriage because a loss is a loss and we have every right to mourn our loss no matter how early it was so now we're in December last month of the year it's kind of like would be a really really terrific way to start off 2019 with a healthy pregnancy that's all I want is a healthy pregnancy resulting in a healthy baby for those of you who are new my husband has been accepted into navy dive school he is in the Navy and he is in the process of becoming a Navy diver but he leaves in the near future so we have very limited time to continue to try to get pregnant he leaves so that kind of puts a little bit of pressure on me and my mind I try not to think of it that way but how can I not I feel a little queasy this morning but it very well could be nerves because I'm so nervous so I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case at all but obviously I haven't started my period yet like I said I'm due today so variable could still come but other than like a little bit of queasiness I don't really have any pregnancy symptoms I don't have the breast tenderness that I had early on in my first pregnancy that was one of like my first symptoms I don't really have anything else I would and that would make me think I'm pregnant other than hopes and prayers I've had...